Solar Water Pump(JAL SHAKTI)

Solar water pumping systems are practical and affordable solution used to provide reliable and cost effective water supplies where there is no grid power or where power supply is unreliable.

  • Solar pumps operates anywhere the sun shines. The system productivity increases during summer when the water requirement is usually greater.
  • Requires minimal service and maintenance.
  • Virtually free to operate, compared to the cost of diesel-powered generators and grid electricity which is constantly increasing.
  • Possible application includes livestock- cattle watering and fish farming; agriculture- irrigating and crop watering; recreational activities- swimming pool circulation pumps, spa ; residential and industrial water supply.

Water Pumping can be by submersible pumps, commonly used for deeper wells, where surface pumps cannot be used because the water level is too deep below ground level (below approximately 6 meters depth). These borehole pumps are specially designed to have a small outside diameter so they can be suspended below the water level in the well and connected to an output pipe that extends up to the surface. The right pump for each application will depend on the required pumping rates and pumping height and distance.‚Äč